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Item - To Catch a Thief

(Paperback edition, first printing)
(Paperback edition, first printing)

Combined Summary

Series: Endless Quest — no. 51
Author: Forbeck, Matt
Illustrators: Ejsing, Jesper (cover)
Nelson, Mark A. (cover)
Dates: 2018 (Hardback edition)
2018 (Paperback edition, first printing)
ISBNs: 1536200662 / 9781536200669 (Paperback edition, first printing)
1536202436 / 9781536202434 (Hardback edition)
Length: 122 pages
Cover Price: US$8.99 (Paperback edition, first printing)
Kveto's Thoughts:

So, about 25 years after their last entry and 35 years after the series start, Endless Quest has returned. As this was one of the series that got me into gamebooks, I had to check at least one of them out. So I selected this one as I've enjoyed books with thieves or rogues as they are now called. I'll try to comment on both the story and the new format.

My first thought was, who is this new series aimed at, new readers or nostalgia buffs like me? Doesn't really seem to be the latter. The new books are large and thinner with a much lower page count than the old versions (about 122 vs 155+ in the old versions), meaning you get less story for the price (cover price 9 American dollars). Meaning they fit very awkwardly alongside my other Endless Quests. Also, most pages are filled with glossy, colour illustrations that feel very much like recycled D&D artwork. Overall the presentation feels overly kitsch to my old bones. I miss the pocket size and B&W original artwork.

The writing style is ok. You appear to play a female halfling thief but they never give you a name or background, unlike the old ones where you were playing a developed character. The story itself has you getting caught by a noblewoman and blackmailed into stealing a baby griffon back from the head of the thieves' guild, which is a beholder. That makes it sound a lot more exciting than it turns out to be. The world is only vaguely recognisable to an oldster like me as there are lots of newish creatures like lizardwomen and tieflings, making the town feel more like the Star Wars cafe. Maybe if I was familiar with some of the characters they clearly kind of expect me to know, I'd have enjoyed it more.

And I wonder if it was choppy editing due to cramming in the artwork, but they often offer you choices without having discussed the options. At one point it asked me if I wanted to pursue a crying child but hadn't bothered to mention the child in the text.

Overall it's a not a bad book, I just probably had unrealistic expectations and was hoping for more from such an expensive book.

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Hardback edition
Paperback edition, first printing

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