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Combined Summary

Series: Destiny's Role
Author: Lain, Mark
Illustrator: Tenebrae, Mike
Dates: April 25, 2018 (paperback)
March 16, 2020 (hardback)
ISBNs: 1916313302 / 9781916313309 (hardback)
1987702743 / 9781987702743 (paperback)
Length: 212 pages
Cover Text: Destiny’s Role are books with a difference, books where YOU get to play the part of the hero, books that are both novels and games. The four short books that form this collection are designed as an introduction to some of the concepts of Destiny’s Role: - Pit yourself against the greatest jousters in the region to win the right to be named MASTER OF THE TILTYARD - Assume the role of a hard-boiled film noir detective in your deadliest case yet as you try to unlock the secret of FRAGILE BEAUTY - Be faced with more than you had reckoned for as you head deep into the inner sanctum of THE CULT OF THE BLACK FEATHER - And step into the waking nightmare of CELTIC FROST To play the adventures in this book you will need two six-sided dice, a pencil, an eraser, and, most importantly, an imagination!
hadlee73's Thoughts:

Fun anthology of smaller interactive adventures.There aren't too many gamebook anthologies out there (most have just a single story) so this book was a breath of fresh air. Each story is shorter than the average gamebook, with The Cult of the Black Feather being the longest and closest to an old-school challenging gamebook.

There are a total of four stories in this collection:

Master of the Tiltyard; you take the role of a competitor in a jousting tournament. This story is short, but plays differently each time due to dice rolls determining your competitors.

Fragile Beauty; a detective story about a missing woman. You need to discover as many clues as possible to find her in time before something really bad happens!

The Cult of the Black Feather; so you've retired from adventuring and are heading off to relax at the local temple. So much for that, as something evil stirs within...

and finally Celtic Frost; a short but unique story which is a puzzle in itself. This book is actually a primer for an upcoming gamebook series based in the same universe as The Cult of the Black Feather, though itself is a great little standalone selection of interactive adventures. I thoroughly enjoyed them. :)

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Errata:Fragile Beauty, Section 133: "Mr Lacourt's desk drawer" > Kristmann's desk drawer.
The Cult of the Black Feather, Section 197: "You quickly fit the beak section too": Depending on your previous choices, you may not have the "beak section" (i.e. 243 - 85 - 198 - 255 - 197).
Special Thanks:Thanks to Mark Lain for the cover image.
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