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Adapted From: Sword for Hire (Solitaire Adventure)
Florik's Thoughts:

Woah, this is where the Crown of Klade campaign of the Tunnels & Trolls app really took off for me. Sword for Hire is tied to the previous digital adventure, Blue Frog Tavern, and gives you a similar sidekick (in fact, a relative of your erstwhile companion).

The title Sword for Hire doesn't really fit. Your friend, the innkeeper, sends you to rescue his brother. You're not really turning mercenary, and never receive any material compensation for your efforts. This seems to have changed from the printed version. Anyway, you find the guy you were looking for, but he has an agenda of his own. Instead of returning by the shortest route, he leads the way on a dangerous mission.

Granted, the story is still linear, still pretty short, but at least a bit longer than its predecessor - and also a lot harder. Once again, you will develop an ambivalent rivalry or tenuous friendship with a partner who has his own plans and enemies. This is well thought out, well written. Great stuff for such an early adventure and still a joy to play in 2019.

I gather from castiglione's review of the printed version that this solo adventure actually was conceived before Blue Frog Tavern. Playing SfH as a sequel to BFT, I wouldn't have noticed. The story is seamless, the difficulty increasing. You'll hear no complaints about this one from me.

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