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Item - The Groom of the Tomb

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Item-Level Details

Cover Text: The year is 1881, and New York society awaits the marriage of handsome bachelor Lancelot Darling and beautiful bank heiress Lilly Lawrence. It is a love match made in heaven, and a joining of two splendid fortunes. What could possibly go wrong?
User Summary: This gamebook is an interactive retelling of Mrs. Alex. McVeigh Miller's 1881 melodrama, The Bride of the Tomb.
hadlee73's Thoughts:

Delightfully entertaining. The Groom to the Tomb is a highly entertaining interactive adaption of the book The Bride of the Tomb and does a fantastic job of capturing both the story and the tone of the original. There is love, shame, death, intrigue and a perplexing mystery to resolve, all the while having you attempting to exist in a high society choked with people trying to avoid scandal. I commend the author on his choice of material and his excellent adaption, which puts the reader firmly into the shoes of Mr Darling.

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Limited proof edition

Series: Miscellaneous Works by Demian Katz
Item: The Groom of the Tomb
Author: Katz, Demian
Date: 2014
ISBN: 1499535341 / 9781499535341
Description: A very small number of copies were produced in this format before the general release was made.
Length: 276 sections

General release edition

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