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Item - The Thundercats and the Ghost Warrior

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User Summary: An evil ghost warrior has been unleashed on Third Earth, and you must help the Thundercats defeat it.
Guillermo's Thoughts:

This book is more similar to the Find Your Fate books published by Ballantine than it is to most of this series. As is often the case in the other FYF series, the goal here clearly was to cash in on the popularity of the licensed property rather than producing a worthwhile gamebook. Neither the story nor the gameplay are very inspired. Part of the book follows relatively closely an episode of the original Thundercats TV series, while the rest includes original storylines. The stories end much too abruptly to be interesting, and the gameplay is full of non-choices where no matter what you decide to do, the outcome is the same. Esteban Maroto's artwork is technically very good but doesn't capture the feel of the TV show really well. Overall, this is a forgettable book.

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