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Item - Malice from the Middle Vale

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Combined Summary

Series: Woven Paths — no. 1
Author: Sharrock, David
Illustrator: Tieldow, Johan
Dates: 2017 (Paperback)
2018 (Hardback)
ISBN: 0244331243 / 9780244331245
Length: 536 pages, 650 sections (Paperback)
284 pages, 650 sections (Hardback)
Errata:Section 180: "One of the three Spell Stones you find in Glyph's backpack is an Empowering Stone". > Glyph's backpack in Section 152 lists three Spell Stones in addition to an Empowering Stone.
Section 207: "Add the Topic 'Savage' and assign this a value of 2". > The value number cannot be correct as there is no logical continuation if you are in Section 355 and have this topic value. The correct value is uncertain (503?).
Section 478: "The Weaver is capable of casting spells during this battle. If this occurs (see Conditional Effects) [...]". > The "combat stat block" on the "Scarfer Crew" does not contain any Conditional Effects involving the "Weaver". It is likely to belong under "SS" if the Scarfer Crew lose that round.
Special Thanks:Thanks to sireeyore for the cover images.
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