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Item - Can You Survive in a Dystopia?

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Series: You Choose: Interactive Doomsday Adventures
Platform: Kindle
Author: Wacholtz, Andy
Illustrator: Nathan, James
Date: 2016
ISBNs: 1491481102 / 9781491481103 (hardback)
1491481285 / 9781491481288 (paperback)
149148134X / 9781491481349 (eBook)
Length: 112 pages
Number of Endings: 17
User Summary: A virus has exterminated nearly all of mankind. As a survivor, you must face several dangers, including armed brigands and genetically-engineered creatures.
Guillermo's Thoughts:

This book takes place in a postapocalyptic future where mankind has all but disappeared, and the world has fallen into chaos and disorder. While I enjoyed the book less than Virus Outbreak in the You Choose if You Live or Die series, I still found it to be quite good. Several of the choices are challenging, making it an engaging read. The book's biggest fault is that most of the paths through it are way too short. If you can look past this flaw, you will have a good time with the book.

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