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Item - Indiana Jones and the Cup of the Vampire

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Series: Find Your Fate — no. 5
Translated Into: La coppa del vampiro (Italian)
Indiana Jones i la copa del vampir (Catalan)
Indiana Jones y la copa del vampiro (Spanish)
Author: Helfer, Andrew
Illustrator: Mattingly, David B.
Date: October, 1984
ISBN: 0345319052 / 9780345319050
mikerants's Thoughts:

After watching the 1931 classic film Dracula at a local cinema, Indiana Jones and his trusted sidekick (YOU!) find themselves on a quest across Europe to track down the cup of Djemsheed, a mythical artefact which legend has it grants immortality to whoever possesses it. Now, you and Indy are in a race against time to stop the evil occultists 'The Friends of Dracula' from locating the cup and covering all of Europe in the dreaded curse of the vampire!

I originally played this one back in the 80s. It was living on a shelf at the back of my primary class in school, and I recently found a copy of it on eBay. The Find Your Fate series works just like Choose Your Own Adventure. There is no character sheet, nor any need for dice; you simply choose from the available options given at the end of each page to decide which direction the main characters will take.

I found this one to be quite a lot of fun. It was great playing as Indiana's sidekick, although the emphasis of whether you are playing as the sidekick or as Indiana himself becomes blurred as the book progresses. It was well written and has some great little hand drawn pictures to accompany the story.

The only problem with The Cup of the Vampire is that you can actually complete the story in a very short space of time if you make the right decisions. However, if you take the more adventurous choices in the book, you'll have a great time!

You'll find my play through of this book on Youtube at if you want to play through it with me :)

I'll give this one a 7 out of 10.

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Randomdays's Thoughts:

I'll agree with mikerants that I had a lot of fun reading through this book.

As for shortness, I went through the entire book converting it to an app - and there are actually 3 main story lines inside, each different and with very little overlap.

Depending on your opening choices, besides the plot of avoiding the Friends of Dracula cult, there's also one with an Anti-Vampire League that thinks your friend IS a vampire and must be killed, and another with an old man who wants the cup so he can avoid dying and become immortal.

Recommended for Indy and adventure fans.

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