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Item - The Ikons of Ikammanen

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Contained In: The Adventures of Indiana Jones Role-Playing Game (Role-Playing Game)
Kveto's Thoughts:

This is one of the role-playing games I dabbled in as a kid (in addition to D&D and Marvel Super Heroes). The system itself was based on percentile dice and mechanics we need not get into. It was appropriate. The introductory module came with this adventure, which could be played solo or with a friend.

It's based on the Marvel comic "The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones" by comic icon John Byrne. It's a great adventure as both a comic and a role-playing game. It's episodic and linear but a good intro to the series. It involves gold statues which come to life and has one of the best bad guys, an African Kingpin-like character called Solomon Black. I'd recommend the story if not the role-playing game itself.

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