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Item - Indiana Jones and the Curse of Horror Island

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(reissue cover)
Series: Find Your Fate — no. 1
Translated Into: Indiana Jones i la maledicció de l'illa de l'horror (Catalan)
Indiana Jones ja Kauhujen saaren kirous (Finnish)
Indiana Jones y la maldición de la isla del horror (Spanish)
L'isola maledetta (Italian)
Kyoufu-tou no noroi [恐怖島の呪い] (Japanese)
Author: Stine, R. L.
Illustrator: Mattingly, David B.
Date: 1984
Kveto's Thoughts:

As a kid, I was a huge Raiders of the Lost Ark fan. So I really liked the idea of a Dr. Jones gamebook. In this, you don't play Indiana himself but his young, unnamed pre-teen cousin. So you can basically place yourself as a character in the Indiana Jones universe. (Or you could pretend to be Short Round as this was probably published at the same time Temple of Doom came out). It does seem odd that you are making the choices for the adult Indy.

You join Indy on a quest to a south sea island to recover an ebony bird idol (Maltese Falcon). It starts off with some random murder attempt on a pier before a long voyage of six months (doesn't your character need to go to school?). On the island the adventure begins. There are multiple paths with all of the typical jungle encounters so high replayability. Smugglers, pirates, natives, jungle cats, etc. Generally fun.

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Special Thanks:Thanks to B Banzai for the reissue cover scan.
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