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The Warlock's Way

Series: Fighting Fantasy: Clash of the Princes
Contained In: Clash of the Princes (Collection)
Translated Into: O caminho do feiticeiro (Portuguese)
Lothar le sorcier (French)
Mahoutsukai no sho [魔法使いの書] (Japanese)
PFKMH KRD [ףשכמה ךרד] (Hebrew)
Sfida per il trono: Il libro del mago (Italian)
Authors: Allen, Martin
Chapman, Andrew
Illustrators: Blanche, John (cover and interior)
Andrews, David (cartography)
Release Date: 1986
Length:500 sections
Users Who Own This Item: aehalpin, AlHazred, anhartleyuk, Aniline, B0N0V0X, Braxus, CSquared, Cyan, c_wickham, damieng (UK), dave2002a, dblizzard72, devilsboy, Ed, edwebb, firefoxpdm, Gallicus, greyarea13, Harvey, Ian2405, jeff3333, jr, juski, killagarilla, killagirilla, kinderstef, knginatl (both, in box), le maudit, mir1812, mlvoss, Nich, Office Linebacker_, outspaced, Pessimeister, peterm2, plowboy, Radjabov, Rozo, rpatel1976, Sabreman, snakefire77, strawberry_brite, twar, Virtua Sinner
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Users with Extra Copies: Cyan
Ian2405 - 1986 First Print
jr - Puffin 1st Ed.
Treguard - Please contact me for details

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