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Item - The Dervish Stone

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Series: Warlock no. 4
Part of: Warlock #4 (Magazine)
Translated Into: A dervis köve (Hungarian)
Author: Struth, Paul
Illustrator: Sell, Tim
Date: 1985
Length: 200 sections, plus introduction
User Summary: While travelling through a desert you find a parchment with a message telling you about a priceless diamond hidden in a cave. You set off to find the stone.
Guillermo's Thoughts:

This, the first Warlock adventure not written by Steve Jackson or Ian Livingstone, is an entertaining read. The writing is not exactly flavourful, but it is fast-paced enough that the story never feels boring. In terms of design, it lacks the creativity of a Steve Jackson or a Peter Darvill-Evans, but is not entirely devoid of surprises and challenging choices. Inventory plays a role in the game, but it doesn't require you to find a gazillion baubles a la Ian Livingstone in order to complete it. The Indiana Jones-inspired sequence of traps at the end (and no ridiculously overpowered final opponent for a change) was also a nice touch. Unfortunately, like the vast majority of Fighting Fantasy adventures, characters with a low SKILL score have practically no chance to complete it successfully. Overall, this is not necessarily a classic, but if you need something to do on a rainy afternoon, it is an entertaining adventure.

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