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Item - The Sorcery Spellbook

(Original British edition, second printing)
(Original British edition, second printing)
(Original British edition, second printing)
(Original British edition, second printing)
(American edition)
(American edition)
(American edition)
(American edition)

Combined Summary

Series: Sorcery!
Contained In: The Sorcery Spellbook and The Shamutanti Hills (Collection)
Author: Jackson, Steve (United Kingdom)
Illustrator: Blanche, John
Dates: 1983 (Original British edition, first printing)
1983 (Original British edition, second printing)
ISBN: 0140067930 / 9780140067934
Length: 107 pages
Cover Price: US$2.95 (American edition)
User Summary: This book contains the magic rules required by the rest of this series. Eventually, its contents were reprinted within the gamebooks and it was no longer necessary for play.
Special Thanks:Thanks to Ryan Lynch for the images.
Users Who Own This Item: Alatar001, AlHazred, Aniline, B0N0V0X, BarefootJimmy, Barker1952, bonhomme (box set w/ Shamutanti Hills), bookwormjeff, casperthegoth (red foil letters), convict7421, Crazyscotsman, c_wickham, Darth Rabbitt, dave2002a, DeKoovenWolf, Dronak (Penguin; red letter cover), drystan, Ed, edwebb, egokun, Erikwinslow (US), Fullerton, Gibraltar, Harvey (in box), hoops4ever, Ian2405, jr, Jubal, juski, katzcollection, killagirilla, kinderstef, knginatl (red letter, box set w/ Shamutanti Hills), le maudit, MacbthPSW, Malthus Dire, mattender, mir1812, mlvoss, Morthynmir, NEMO, nerelax, Nich, plowboy, Pseudo_Intellectual, Robert Mammone, Sabreman ((In slipcase with Shamutanti Hills)), Sir Olli, sireeyore, skeleton, Treguard, Tremendez, Trompe-l Oeil (UK and US), twar
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Known Editions

Original British edition, first printing
Original British edition, second printing
American edition

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