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Item - Trial of the Clone

Series: Gamebook Adventures: Trial of the Clone
Platforms: Android
Apple iOS
Adapted From: Trial of the Clone: An Interactive Adventure! (Gamebook)
Author: Weiner(smith), Zach
Cover Text: You are a clone raised by the mysterious Silene Monks. Once the guardians of peace and justice in the galaxy, they have long since been superseded by modern technology. Now they spend most of their time hanging out and playing video games. But you are not like the rest of your clone brothers. You have been chosen for a special destiny. Make the right decisions and you’ll complete your training, explore a universe full of adventure, and prove yourself a hero. Make the wrong decisions and you’ll be dead. Really dead. Its hard to emphasise just how dead you will be. So here’s a pre tip for you: try to make the right decisions.
Users Who Own This Item: Demian, Malthus Dire

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