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Item - Dungeon of Darkness

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Series: Fantasy Forest — no. 5
Author: Kendall, John
Illustrators: Otero, Ben (cover)
Summertree, Pamela (interior)
Date: January, 1984
ISBN: 0880380632 / 9780880380638
Length: 76 pages
Number of Endings: 9
User Summary: You are the only person to escape capture when Nightshade's troops and the Shadow Rider attack your village. You must help Gregor the Good Knight rescue your fellow villagers.
Demian's Thoughts:

Well, there's a bit of a continuity error here since the Shadow Rider is a prominent part of the story, yet he can be killed in the previous book. Apart from that, this book is actually above average.... It feels a little broader in scope than the other books about the battle between Gregor and Nightshade, and it allows the reader to be considerably more active and useful.

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Kveto's Thoughts:

In addition to all of the other spin-offs that Endless Quest had, they also made a thinner, lighter companion series for younger readers. Coming out in the early 80's, this series is a short, simplified version of the normal series. It's about 78 pages and each page has an illustration and big print so the book is a fast read.

You play Meg, a young girl whose parents are kidnapped and taken to the Dungeon of Darkness. you join up with a party of adventurers, led by Gregor the good knight to rescue them. The choices are basic, as is the writing. It seems odd that you, a young girl, get to make decisions about where to go and how to fight, but I don't think the target reader would notice. It does feature a wide range of D&D monsters such as a Minotaur and Umber Hulk. Very little killing is involved as you often defeat and tie up the monsters.

The artwork looks like it was sketched with a pencil. Not bad, just not a high standard. The most disturbing thing is a very scary two headed troll on the cover. It looks far too frightening for the target readers.

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duckhugger - in good shape... a little purple butterfly stamp w/ the name "Mary" on the inside of the front and back covers.

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