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Item - Keep of the Ancient King

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(Second printing)
(Second printing)
(Second printing)
(Second printing)

Combined Summary

Online Full Text: Internet Archive (Second printing)
Series: Fantasy Forest — no. 4
Author: Gray, Michael
Illustrators: Parkinson, Keith (cover)
Fishel, Michael (interior)
Date: October, 1983 (First printing)
ISBN: 0880380624 / 9780880380621 (Second printing)
Length: 76 pages
Number of Endings: 10
User Summary: Once again, the Good Knight Gregor is battling Nightshade. This time the fight takes place in the Keep of the Ancient King, where Nightshade and his agent the Shadow Rider reside (and hold your horse captive).
Demian's Thoughts:

This book covers the same territory the last two did. The battle between Gregor and Nightshade would probably be a lot more interesting if the reader actually played Gregor rather than being a different tag-along in each book. In fact, even being the same tag-along would be an improvement.... Playing a different uninteresting role in each book is rather frustrating. Once again, though, my gripe is with the continuity and not this book specifically; by itself, this is as good as the last two books in the series.

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