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Item - The Island of Illusion

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Series: Crunch no. 3
Part of: Crunch #3 (Magazine)
Authors: Morris, Dave
Johnson, Oliver
Illustrator: Hartas, Leo
Date: 1984
Edition Description: A short CYOA-style story that was written to promote the Golden Dragon Fantasy Gamebooks series.
Length: 63 sections
User Summary: An evil warlock has kidnapped a princess who is set to marry soon. You must locate and rescue the princess before the wedding is called off.
Guillermo's Thoughts:

This fantasy adventure, which Dave Morris has made available for free on his blog, uses the same game system as the Golden Dragon gamebook series. It is designed to introduce young people to gamebooks and role-playing games, and therefore should not be too challenging if you are an experienced player. Still, it was nice to have another chance (no matter how brief) to experience the clever encounter design I have come to expect from a game authored by Morris and Johnson. Recommended if you need to kill an hour.

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