Endless Quest Series Two

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After dropping all of their remaining gamebook lines in 1988, TSR left the gamebook market for several years. Then, in 1994, they started over with the second series of Endless Quest books. These books were similar to the first series, though they had smaller print and numbered the sections differently. None of the books in the second series are numbered, although a sequence can be determined by the TSR part number (book one is TSR #8088). Thirteen books were released between 1994 and 1996. Unless I've missed something, these were the last of the TSR gamebooks.

I'll add details and reviews as I get the chance.

1. Dungeon of Fear

2. Castle of the Undead

3. Secret of the Djinn

4. Siege of the Tower

5. A Wild Ride

6. Forest of Darkness

7. American Knights

8. Night of the Tiger

9. Galactic Challenge

10. Bigby's Curse

11. The 24-Hour War

12. The Test

13. Sands of Deception

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