Demian's Autographs

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As a result of building my gamebook page, I have been contacted by several authors. Through this contact, I have managed to add a few signed volumes to my collection. This page exists both to thank those authors and to allow me to show off the most unique portion of my collection.

 Marc Kornblatt

Marc Kornblatt started his children's writing career working on books for the Time Machine and Time Traveler series. He's still writing (non-interactive) books, including the fairly recent Understanding Buddy.

Time Traveler #5: Paul Revere and the Boston Tea Party

  Stephen Mooser

Stephen Mooser is currently the president of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. He is also the author of several science fiction titles in the Which Way series.

Which Way #11: Space Raiders and the Planet of Doom
Which Way #20: Mind Bandits

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