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Adventures of Goldhawk

1. Darkmoon's Curse


In Search of Christmas
1. The Tower of Terror
2. The Mines of Malagus
3. Shinderg's Tomb
4. The Forgotten City
5. Caverns of the Enchantress
6. The Fortress of Kruglach
7. The Sceptre of the Elvenking
8. Treasures of the Cursed Pyramid
9. Lord of Chaos
10. The Triad of Evil
11. Challenge of the Promethean Guild
12. The Weaver of Nightmares
13. The Shadow of Shargan
14. In Search of the Lost Land
15. The Havarine Madness
16. Escape from Scarpathia
17. Black Crag Castle
18. Into the Dragon's Domain
19. Boneshaker's Mountains of Forever
20. The Orchid of Life

Rescue the Princess

Rescue the Princess


8. The Floating City
11. The Land of Changes