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Series - Legends of the Ancient World

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Publisher: Dark City Games -- United States
Categories: Complexity Level : Advanced (Full Game System)
Genre : Fantasy

This role-playing system, inspired by The Fantasy Trip, features adventures that can be played solitaire or by a group of players. Conversion rules are available for other sets of rules such as the d20 System.


Orcs of the High Mountains
Sorcerer's Manor

Solitaire Adventures

1. The Sewers of Redpoint
2. Little Black Book
3. The Island of Lost Spells
4. The Crown of Kings
5. Final Orders of the King
6. Gates to the Underworld
7. Wolves on the Rhine
8. The Dark Vale
9. Fire in the Streets
10. Raid on Cygnosa
11. The Oracle's Breath
12. The Thing in the Lake
13. Emerald Twilight
14. Shadows in the Dark

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