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Series - Blood sword

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Publisher: E. Elle -- Italy
Categories: Format : Paperback
Product Family : Librogame
Translated From: Blood Sword (English)


1. I labirinti di Krarth
2. Il regno di Wyrd
3. L'artiglio del demone
4. Viaggio all'inferno
5. Le mura di Spyte

User Comments

Set in the really original fantasy world of the author of the RPG Dragon Warriors, these books are good enough.

While the game mechanics are, for my taste, a bit too complex for a gamebook (but it also must be said that it's an uneasy task to write a single book for up to four players), the storyline, suited for adult readers, is excellent.

Playing it alone, i.e. taking the role of just one adventurer, is not the best choice to fully appreciate these books, as you surely lose some precious pieces of the story and/or flavor text. Better play the one-man-gang option, with one player taking three or four roles.

The saga of the five books is epic and detailed, even crude sometimes, and the setting is very interesting: a fantasy world which mixes history and legend altogether.

Highly recommended!


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