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Series - Horror classic

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Publisher: E. Elle -- Italy
Category: Product Family : Librogame
Translated From: Horror Classics (English)


1. Il conte Dracula
2. Frankenstein

User Comments

Great books, really.

Mr. Brennan has that typical black English humour that gives a sense of novelty even to two horror hyper-abused stereotypes like the Dracula and Frankenstein ones.

I remember I enjoyed playing these books, and I also loved the strange game machanics, with a section devoted just to describe the locations and another dedicated to the choices you took.

The puzzles are excellent and amusing (and I must say the Italian translators did a very good job), yet not too complex.

And they have a good re-playability too.

In my opinion, this mini-series rates higher than Alla Corte di re Artù.


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