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Series - Tortured Souls

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Publisher: Beast Enterprises -- United Kingdom
Categories: Complexity Level : Solitaire RPG (External Rules Required)
Format : Paperback
Genre : Fantasy

This British fanzine contained solitaire adventures for first-edition AD&D in several issues along with more traditional multi-player modules and some one-on-one adventures for a single player and a single DM. The solitaire adventures allowed a single player to run multiple characters.


1. Tortured Souls #1
2. Tortured Souls #2
3. Tortured Souls #3
4. Tortured Souls #4
5. Tortured Souls #5
7. Tortured Souls #7
8. Tortured Souls #8
9. Tortured Souls #9
10. Tortured Souls #10
11. Tortured Souls #11
12. Tortured Souls #12
13. Tortured Souls #13


Brohar's Bane (part 1 of 2)
Brohar's Bane (part 2 of 2)
The Crystal Keys
Pygmy Island
The Seventh Circle
The Tomb of the Scorpion King

Role-Playing Materials

Arena of Death
Necropolis (part 1 of 3)
Necropolis (part 2 of 3)
Necropolis (part 3 of 3)
Quezmak's Maze
To Catch a Thief

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