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Series - Xhoromag 8: Le Retour des Xhâ Niâs

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Alternate Title: Xhoromag 8: The Return of the Xhâ Niâs (literal English translation of title)
Categories: Amateur Publication
Complexity Level : Advanced (Full Game System)
Format : eBook
Game System : Randomization Method : In Book

The author has provided a description of this series:

A brand-new series of long gamebooks featuring young Shania, the last survivor of the Xhâ Niâs, the most powerful living beings in the entire universe. Sixteen in human years, Shania is an awakening Xhâ Niâ with a deeply personal mission: to discover why her universally feared and despised people were ever born at all. Absolute power, they say, corrupts absolutely, but never has there been a more innocent girl alive than sweet, naïve Shania. Wielding powers of insane potential, she will enter the overrealms to discover why she was given life... without knowing she already has two powerful enemies in their own right, one of whom has sworn to make the Xhâ Niâs disappear forever. YOU are Shania, and as you will learn, there is nothing the Universe fears more... than the return of the Xhâ Niâs.

Please note that this is the most recent series, and only consists of 1 of the planned 8 volumes.


1. Le Portail de Tous les Temps

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