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Series - Xhoromag 7: Le Cercle sans Commencement

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Alternate Title: Xhoromag 7: The Circle with No Beginning (literal English translation of title)
Categories: Amateur Publication
Complexity Level : Advanced (Full Game System)
Format : eBook
Game System : Randomization Method : In Book

The author has provided a description of this series:

This is the third gamebook chapterplay written in the Xhoromag universe. You play the role of Zayas ix Oshaqimarendahl (Ziô to his friends!), sixth prince by lineage, ruin explorer by passion. The story begins as Ziô discovers the lost Saraveth Sanctuary and awakens a sleeping child of the vanished ancestral race: Fleur Aimée (lit. Flower Love) of the Sihyls. Suddenly transported to another world by the strange artefact known as the Ring of Vanxeros, Ziô is thrown headlong into a terrible war against the invading forces of the Twilight. Ziô soon learns that he has taken on the identity of the Champion of Vanxeros, but how can he defeat the dark armies of the Twilight by himself, all the while protecting a five-year-old child with beautiful pink hair and a remarkable healing touch? There are complex schemes to unravel in the War of the 999th Circle!

Please note that this series is incomplete as of this writing but should reach its conclusion in 2005.


1. Raanmezorr: Le Sanctuaire de Saraveth / Les Runes de Raanmezorr
2. Xxaal: Les Dieux de Darxivaald / La Tour des Treize Temps
3. Virenxaal: Le Visage des Vainqueurs / Les Armes des Architectes
4. Qurixaad: Les Princes de Perxivaal I + II
5. Maanzigarr: Les Murs de Maanzigarr / Les Lames du Lendemain
6. Nershizaal: Les Neiges du Nershizaal / Les Nuits du Nershizaal
7. Shaanmezarr: Le Zodiaque de Zaadryhen / Les Jours du Jugement
8. Taaxeth: La Fractale des Flammes

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