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Series - Xhoromag 5: Les Enfants d'un Autre Ciel

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Alternate Title: Xhoromag 5: Children of Another Sky (literal English translation of title)
Categories: Amateur Publication
Complexity Level : Advanced (Full Game System)
Format : eBook
Game System : Randomization Method : In Book

This description is courtesy of the author:

An unknown enemy force invades and pillages the city of Nieslev, making off with four of the most treasured Relics of the First Era. The evil of Sn'hh has returned to cast its shadow upon the land, and soon, two new heroes will rise: a twelve-year-old two-bladed-weapon prodigy named Miyalrel and his phantom "li'l sis" Siyanlis. In this gamebook chapterplay, you take on the role of Miyalrel -- Miya to his friends -- and do battle with the dark minions of an overdimensional being called the Supreme One. Every small adventure is technically playable as a stand-alone mini-gamebook, but the full story is told over 21 episodes grouped in 12 volumes.


1. Le Feu de la Vengeance / Le Vent du Souvenir
2. Pour le Repos des Anges / La Foudre et la Fureur
3. Sous les Flots Tranquilles / La Merveilleuse Envolée des Âmes
4. La Lune des Ancêtres
5. Les Terres qui Avalent / La Nuit et ses Cinq Aspects
6. Voyage avec l'Ennemi / Celle aux Mille Consciences
7. La Fin des Retrouvailles / La Traversée des Mers Anciennes
8. Le Temple des Surdimensions
9. Sang Clair sur Sable Chaud / Péril sur Mer Houleuse
10. Les Portes Interdites du Temps / Ce Serment sur son Sommeil
11. Sans Âme et Sans Pitié / Le Roi du Domaine Premier
12. L'Instant dans Toutes les Vies

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