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Series - Xhoromag 4: Les Passés les Plus Lointains

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Alternate Title: Xhoromag 4: The Most Distant Pasts (literal English translation of title)
Categories: Amateur Publication
Complexity Level : Advanced (Full Game System)
Format : eBook
Game System : Randomization Method : In Book

This description was provided by the author:

A message from the past sends Jamie on a new quest, to the lost city of Xanova. There, after saving the last descendants of the legendary Xe'Roxuul Empire, the young adventurer learns of the existence of a powerful artefact called Time's Triad. Since it may be needed to save Xhoromag from an extradimensionnal invasion, Jamie will seek out its two missing elements, which were sent a long time ago, along with Xe'Roxuul's generational starships, to the other Planes of Xhoromag. Although this series is incomplete, you can read the finished adventures without fear of cliffhangers, as the stories they tell are complete.


1. Rendez-vous à Xanova
2. Deux Jours avant Demain
3. Entre Hier et Tout Jamais
4. Les Faiseurs d'Avenir
5. La Terreur du Lendemain
6. La Septième Sphère d'Innî
7. Les Larmes des Éphémères
8. Les Rêves des Éphémères
9. Pitié pour l'Impossible : Les Âmes des Éphémères

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