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Series - Xhoromag 2: Le Flot Infini du Temps

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Alternate Title: Xhoromag 2: The Infinite Flow of Time
Categories: Amateur Publication
Complexity Level : Advanced (Full Game System)
Format : eBook
Game System : Randomization Method : In Book

The following description is provided by the author:

There is a new threat hanging over the vast Xhoromag universe, a threat which originates in the distant past, when five powerful entities came over from their own dying universe, T'Qixia. When one of the five turned evil, the other four sealed him away forever. Forever, however, has long since passed, and once again, Jamie must embark on an epic quest. This time, he will have to reunite the four ancient saviors of Xhoromag, the four Forgotten Ones, in order to defeat and destroy the demented Oaxu... one final time.


1. Un Regard sur le Temps
2. Les Tours du Silence
3. Par-delà toute Existence
4. L'Empire des Nuages
5. Xhoromag en Flammes
6. Les Soleils de la Nuit
7. Passage à Vide : Pour un Million d'Âmes Perdues
8. Les Rivières de Lumière
9. Sur la Frontière de l'Oubli

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