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Series - Gladiators

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Publisher: Boxtree -- United Kingdom
Categories: Complexity Level : Advanced (Full Game System)
Format : Paperback
Game System : Randomization Method : Dice
Game System : Scores
Genre : Sports Fiction
Licensed Property : Movie / TV Tie-In
Target Age Group : Older Children
Writing Style : Present Tense
Writing Style : Second Person

These two gamebooks are based on Gladiators, the British version of the American Gladiators TV series, and each allows its reader to simulate the various competitive physical challenges portrayed in the series. Released a couple of years apart, the two books are wildly different in style and format. The first book uses a format that was later featured in the Star Wars Missions and Star Wars Episode I Adventures; in place of using numbered paragraphs or turning to specified pages, the reader simply reads the book straight through. Whenever a choice is made, the reader scans through a list of outcomes and finds the one that corresponds with the choice he or she made. A six-sided die is used to generate random numbers at certain points, and the whole book revolves around score, with different choices leading to different changes to a running total of points. The second book reverts to a more standard format featuring numbered paragraphs. The reader picks a gender and randomly determines five attributes (Stamina, Agility, Upper Body Strength, Lower Body Strength and Luck). Different attributes are tested as a result of choosing different actions, so it's best for the reader to make choices that reflect his or her strengths and weaknesses. Luck works just like the attribute of the same name in Fighting Fantasy. Both books are rather brief but are more replayable than average due to their lack of plot.


1. Gladiators Game Book No. 1
2. Gladiators Game Book No. 2

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