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Series - Grandi Classici Disney

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Publisher: Disney -- Italy
Categories: Complexity Level : Basic (No Game System)
Format : Paperback
Genre : Humor
Licensed Property : Disney
Licensed Property : Movie / TV Tie-In
Target Age Group : Older Children
Target Age Group : Younger Children
Writing Style : Comic Book

This comic book reprinted some stories from Topolino. Some issues of the comic were also made available in the Raccolta Grandi Classici Disney anthology series. Some of the information on this page is derived from the Inducks database.


62. Grandi Classici Disney #62
64. Grandi Classici Disney #64
86. Grandi Classici Disney #86
171. Grandi Classici Disney #171


Paperino e gli incontri ravvicinati di 5 tipi
Topolino agente... immobiliare
Topolino e Pippo eroi del giorno prima
Zio Paperone e l'anfora enigmatica

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