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Series - Fighting Fantasy Heroes

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Publishers: Citadel Miniatures -- United Kingdom
Games Workshop -- United Kingdom
Categories: Complexity Level : Advanced (Full Game System)
Game System : Randomization Method : Dice
Genre : Adventure
Genre : Fantasy
Product Family : Fighting Fantasy

This system was designed to expand upon Fighting Fantasy: The Introductory Role-Playing Game by offering a range of plastic figures, paints, and also a stand-alone "Battlegame". The plastic figures were definitely sold (in individual blister packs), but the Paint Set and Rules/Dice set appears to be very rare. Images for the figures of Elves and Zombies were advertised but these were never available commercially. Trolls were mentioned in a magazine article only, but these were never actually advertised or produced. The plastic figues had inter-changeable heads to add variety. The figures were also intended to be used for "mass battles" by following the Battlegame Rules themselves.


Heroes: Elves
Monsters: Trolls
Monsters: Zombies
1. Heroes: Wizards: FF01: Mystic Wizard
2. Heroes: Wizards: FF02: Mystic Wizard
3. Heroes: Wizards: FF03: Mystic Wizard
4. Heroes: Barbarians: FF04: Mighty Thewed Barbarian
5. Heroes: Barbarians: FF05: Mighty Thewed Barbarian
6. Heroes: Barbarians: FF06: Mighty Thewed Barbarian
7. Heroes: Heroic Knights: FF07: Heroic Knight
8. Heroes: Heroic Knights: FF08: Heroic Knight
9. Heroes: Heroic Knights: FF09: Heroic Knight
10. Heroes: Warriors of Chaos: FF10: Warrior of Chaos
11. Heroes: Warriors of Chaos: FF11: Warrior of Chaos
12. Heroes: Warriors of Chaos: FF12: Warrior of Chaos
13. Heroes: Dwarfs: FF13: Fearless Dwarf
14. Heroes: Dwarfs: FF14: Fearless Dwarf
15. Heroes: Dwarfs: FF15: Fearless Dwarf
16. Monsters: Skeletons: FF16: Deadly Skeleton
17. Monsters: Skeletons: FF17: Deadly Skeleton
18. Monsters: Skeletons: FF18: Deadly Skeleton
19. Monsters: Goblins: FF19: Evil Goblin
20. Monsters: Goblins: FF20: Evil Goblin
21. Monsters: Goblins: FF21: Evil Goblin
22. Monsters: Orcs: FF22: Vile Orc
23. Monsters: Orcs: FF23: Vile Orc
24. Monsters: Orcs: FF24: Vile Orc
25. Monsters: Ogres: FF25: Ogre
26. Monsters: Ogres: FF26: Ogre
27. Monsters: Ogres: FF27: Ogre

Role-Playing Materials

Fighting Fantasy Battlegame Rules and Dice
Fighting Fantasy Paint and Painting Set

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