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Series - You Say Which Way

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Publisher: Createspace -- United Kingdom
Categories: Complexity Level : Basic (No Game System)
Format : eBook
Format : Paperback
Genre : Adventure
Genre : Historical Fiction
Genre : Mystery
Genre : Science Fiction
Target Age Group : Older Children

This series of books, aimed at 8-12 year olds, involves reading a chapter and then choosing which direction the story will take, rather than the usual selecting an option within a paragraph and navigating to that numbered section to move forward through the story. Various genres are covered including Fantasy and Sci-Fi. These publications are available both in paperback form (through Createspace) and for Kindle devices.

The numbering of this series is a best guess; online listings contain contradictory information about the official ordering.


Best of You Say Which Way Adventures (Deadline Delivery and 4 more items)
Four More You Say Which Way Adventures
Four You Say Which Way Adventures


1. In the Magician's House
2. Pirate Island
3. Once Upon an Island
4. Lost in Lion Country
5. Secrets of Glass Mountain
6. Between the Stars
7. Danger on Dolphin Island
8. Volcano of Fire
9. The Sorcerer's Maze Adventure Quiz
10. The Sorcerer's Maze: Jungle Trek
11. Missing Cat Mystery: Creepy House
12. Dragons Realm
13. Dinosaur Canyon
14. Deadline Delivery
15. The Sorcerer's Maze: Time Machine
16. Island of Giants
17. Mystic Portal
18. Stranded Starship
19. Dungeon of Doom

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