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Publisher: Flying Buffalo -- United States
Categories: Format : eBook
Genre : Fantasy
Product Family : Tunnels & Trolls
Target Age Group : Adults
Target Age Group : Teenagers
Writing Style : Present Tense
Writing Style : Second Person

This free online journal (distributed in PDF format) covers Tunnels and Trolls and frequently includes solo adventures.


A Computer Generated Dungeon: A Retrospective Review
Going Solo
Henchmen for Solo Delvers
How to Write a Solo Adventure: Part 1
How to Write a Solo Adventure: Part 2 - The Introduction
How to Write a Solo Adventure: Part 3 - Keeping It All in Order
The Tomb of Baron Gharoth: A Review


1. TrollsZine! Issue 1
2. TrollsZine! Issue 2
3. TrollsZine! Issue 3
4. TrollsZine! Issue 4
5. TrollsZine! Issue 5
6. TrollsZine! Issue 6
7. TrollsZine! Issue 7
8. TrollsZine! Issue 8


Beneath the Arena
The Blood War of Saxon
Dark Rising
Down Time
Four Jars of Mead
Night Walk in the Wild Woods
The Penultimate Place
Soul Survivor
The Temple of Issoth (TrollsZine! version)
The Wizard's Hut

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