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Series - Mágus - Kalandorkrónikák

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Publisher: Delta-vision Kft -- Hungary
Category: Genre : Fantasy

These gamebooks take place in the world of Ynev, a popular Hungarian fantasy setting.


1. A Viharfaló titka
2. Kígyófészek
3. Kincses térkép

User Comments

These books were commited in the spirit of Harcos Képzelet, meaning the series, heck, even the franchise had a lot of behind-the-scene drama, lack of editorial support, and impact from the collapse of the book-industry in the country.

The first book is entirely unplayable because of the lack of certain data of equipments, to the point Delta Vision offered a refund when I contacted them. I told them I'd prefer if the writer fixed the issues, which the writer simply refused.

The third book was... bland if you ask me.

The second book though is worthy of your time. I found its mood quite entertaining, and the mechanics are chiselled enough that if you let the most confusing elements pass to the void, it's actually winnable legitimately.

Hungary is full of ambitious gamebook-franchises, but they hardly deliver, unfortunately.


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