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Series - Clue

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Alternate Title: Cluedo
Publishers: Running Press -- United States
Scholastic -- United States
Turtleback -- United Kingdom

Based on the board game of the same name (known as Cluedo in some parts of the world), these books each include a collection of short mysteries featuring characters from the game. The reader is challenged to guess the solution of each mystery. Solutions are printed upside-down at the end of each section. A similar series for younger readers, featuring characters from the junior edition of the game, was published as Clue Jr..

The eighteen numbered volumes were aimed at a young audience and released by Scholastic and Turtleback. The two unnumbered volumes were released later by Running Press and are aimed at a more mature audience.

Guess-the-Ending Books

Clue Mysteries
More Clue Mysteries
1. Who Killed Mr. Boddy?
2. The Secret Secret Passage
3. The Case of the Invisible Cat
4. Mystery at the Masked Ball
5. Midnight Phone Calls
6. Booby-Trapped!
7. The Picture-Perfect Crime
8. The Clue in the Shadows
9. Mystery in the Moonlight
10. The Screaming Skeleton
11. Death by Candlelight
12. The Haunted Gargoyle
13. The Revenge of the Mummy
14. The Dangerous Diamond
15. The Vanishing Vampire
16. Danger After Dark
17. The Clue in the Crystal Ball
18. Footprints in the Fog

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