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Series - Zebra Mystery Puzzlers

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Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp. (Zebra imprint) -- United States

This long-running (in quantity, if not in years) series of "guess-the-ending" mysteries featured a couple of distinguishing characteristics: the cover illustrations included clues that helped the reader solve the mystery, and the final solution was bound together so that it could only be read by cutting part of the book open, preventing accidental peeks. The basic formula was revived years later (aimed at a younger audience) in the You-Solve-It Mysteries series.

Guess-the-Ending Books

1. You'll Die When You Hear This
2. The Final Ring
3. The Devil Mask Mystery
4. Is This Coffin Taken?
5. You'll Die Laughing
6. The Final Lie
7. The Curse of the Golden Skull
8. Murder in the Act
9. You'll Die Tomorrow
10. The Final Pose
11. Death on the Slopes
12. Sing a Song of Murder
13. Epitaph for Emily
14. Death on the Late Show
15. Time to Kill
16. The Final Guest
17. The Final Appointment
18. You'll Die Yesterday
19. Write Me a Murder
20. Green Lama Mystery
21. You'll Die Today
22. The Final Fair
23. Death in a Small World
24. The Sandcastle Murder
25. You'll Be the Death of Me
26. Murder by the Book
27. The Whispering Cat Mystery
28. Who Killed Me?
29. You'll Die, Darling
30. Murder by Degrees
31. Death on the Circuit
32. Murder at Willow Run
33. Who's Next?
34. Death Through the Mill
35. Ballet of Death
36. Family Affairs
37. Death Goes Skiing
38. Melody of Murder
39. You'll Die Tonight
40. The Final Target
41. The Shark Bait Affair
42. The Last Set
43. Deadly Advice
44. The Witch's Tower Mystery
45. A Stitch in Time
46. Death of a Prima Donna
47. Who's on First?
48. Ballet of Fear
49. Finale
50. Trek or Treat
51. Premiere at Willow Run
52. Cat Got Your Tongue?
53. High-Strung
54. Long Distance
55. Break a Leg
56. Accessory for Murder
57. Demon of the Opera
58. The Laughing Dragon Mystery
59. Love is Murder
60. The Lady Killer Affair

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