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Series People - Zebra Mystery Puzzlers

Allan, Dina

Melody of Murder

Allan, Joan

Who Killed Me?
Who's Next?
Who's on First?

Anthony, Elizabeth

Ballet of Death
Ballet of Fear

Arliss, Joen

The Lady Killer Affair
The Shark Bait Affair

Barcelo, E. C.

Love is Murder

Blair, Marcia

The Final Appointment
The Final Fair
The Final Guest
The Final Lie
The Final Pose
The Final Ring
The Final Target

Carter, Amanda

Write Me a Murder

Christner, D. W.

Epitaph for Emily

Colburn, Laura

Death in a Small World
Death of a Prima Donna
Death Through the Mill

Collins, Michelle

Murder at Willow Run
Premiere at Willow Run

Dale, Jo Anne

Long Distance

DeBreuil, Linda

Break a Leg

Ellery, Jan

Death on the Circuit
Family Affairs
The Last Set

Ericson, Liz

Deadly Advice

Goulart, Ron

Green Lama Mystery

Grove, Marjorie J.

You'll Die Laughing
You'll Die Today
You'll Die Tomorrow
You'll Die Tonight
You'll Die When You Hear This
You'll Die Yesterday
You'll Die, Darling

Howe, J. M.

Accessory for Murder

Kains, Josephine

The Curse of the Golden Skull
The Devil Mask Mystery
The Laughing Dragon Mystery
The Whispering Cat Mystery
The Witch's Tower Mystery

Lynch, Miriam

Time to Kill
You'll Be the Death of Me

Michaels, Jan

Death on the Late Show
Sing a Song of Murder

Pearson, Ann

Cat Got Your Tongue?
Murder by Degrees
A Stitch in Time

Schier, Norma

Death Goes Skiing
Death on the Slopes
Demon of the Opera
Murder by the Book

St. Clair, Elizabeth

Murder in the Act
The Sandcastle Murder
Trek or Treat

Webb, Jean Francis

Is This Coffin Taken?