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Publisher: Devir -- Brazil
Categories: Complexity Level : Solitaire RPG (External Rules Required)
Genre : Historical Fiction
Licensed Property : Movie / TV Tie-In

Three mini-adventures and one standalone solitaire have been written in Portuguese using the rules from the GURPS role-playing game (with permission from the American publisher). All of the materials in this series include all rules needed for play, meaning that you do not need the GURPS rulebook or any other supplements to enjoy them.

Each of the mini-adventures was included in a separate roleplaying rulebook. These books were designed to introduce readers to rolegaming by immersing them in a particular setting of Brazil's colonial history; they included a simplified version of the GURPS system, background information, setting-specific rules, and multiplayer scenarios.

The standalone solitaire adventure is much longer than the mini-adventures, and deals with similar historical topics. This latter adventure is based on a film with the same title by Brazilian director Geraldo Moraes.

There are other titles in the Mini-GURPS series beyond those listed here. Only those containing solitaire adventures are listed.


Fuga Noturna
A Primeira Bandeira
Primeiro Contato

Role-Playing Materials

Entradas e Bandeiras
O Descobrimento do Brasil
O Quilombo dos Palmares

Solitaire Adventures

No Coração dos Deuses

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