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Series - Revista NoSoloRol

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Publisher: NOSOLOROL -- Spain
Categories: Complexity Level : Advanced (Full Game System)
Format : eBook
Genre : Fantasy
Product Family : Singular

This freely downloadable, PDF format online magazine published several solitaire adventures to tie in with the publisher's Singular gamebook line.


43. Revista NoSoloRol #43
45. Revista NoSoloRol #45
47. Revista NoSoloRol #47
49. Revista NoSoloRol #49
51. Revista NoSoloRol #51
53. Revista NoSoloRol #53
61. Revista NoSoloRol #61


Asesina 1: Líneas
Asesina 2: La tierra prometida
Asesina 3: El sustituto
Asesina 4: La fuga
Asesina 5: El dulce beso de la venganza
Contra los trolls
Los Héroes de la Gema

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