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Items with "King, J. Robert" as Credited Author

Double Diamond Triangle Saga

1. The Abduction
6. Conspiracy
9. The Diamond

Dragonlance Novels

Even Dragon Blood

First Quest Novels

1. Rogues to Riches

Forgotten Realms Novels

When Even Sky Cities Fall
Whence the Song of Steel
A Worm Too Soft
57. Realms of Magic (editing)
68. Realms of the Arcane (editing)

Magic: The Gathering Novels

The Dragons of Magic (editing)
13. Artifacts Cycle 3: Time Streams
17. Invasion Cycle: The Thran (A Prequel)
21. Invasion Cycle 1: Invasion
23. Invasion Cycle 2: Planeshift
25. Invasion Cycle 3: Apocalypse
31. Onslaught Cycle 1: Onslaught
33. Onslaught Cycle 2: Legions
35. Onslaught Cycle 3: Scourge

Planescape Novels

Blood Wars Trilogy 1: Blood Hostages
Blood Wars Trilogy 2: Abyssal Warriors
Blood Wars Trilogy 3: Planar Powers

Ravenloft Novels

6. Carnival of Fear