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Person - Sfiligoi, Andrea

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Items with "Sfiligoi, Andrea" as Author

Caverns of Chaos (1 edition)
Caves of the Kobold Slave-Masters (1 edition)
Four Against Darkness (1 edition)
Four Against the Abyss (1 edition)
Man-Eater! (1 edition)
The Three Rings (1 edition)

Items with "Sfiligoi, Andrea" as Illustrator

1. Eilee the Sprite (1 edition)
Horras Hob-Goblin (1 edition)
Medusa (1 edition)
1. Oowell the Ghoul (1 edition)
1. Sylvestra the Wood Elf (1 edition)
1. Thorgal the Wyrm Slayer (1 edition)
Wyrm the Dragon (1 edition)