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Items with "Sfiligoi, Andrea" as Credited Author

Four Against Darkness

1. Four Against Darkness
2. Caves of the Kobold Slave-Masters
4. The Three Rings
7. Four Against the Abyss
10. Caverns of Chaos
11. Man-Eater!
16. Lairs, Dens and Burrows
17. Breachers of the Bone Belfry
18. Wayfarers and Adventurers

Items with "Sfiligoi, Andrea" as Credited Illustrator

Lost Worlds Fantasy Combat Books

5005. Thorgal the Wyrm Slayer
5006. Wyrm the Dragon
5015. Eilee the Sprite
5017. Sylvestra the Wood Elf
5019. Horras Hob-Goblin
5020. Medusa
5022. Oowell the Ghoul