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Items with "Kauth, Dennis" as Credited Illustrator

Dragonlance Novels

96. War of Souls 2: Dragons of a Lost Star (cartography)

Endless Quest

45. Galactic Challenge (cover)

Forgotten Realms Novels

Hunter's Blades Trilogy 1: The Thousand Orcs (cartography)
94. Return of the Archwizards 1: The Summoning (cartography)
97. Cities Series 2: Temple Hill (cartography)
99. Return of the Archwizards 2: The Siege (cartography)
101. Counselors and Kings 3: The Wizardwar (cartography)
110. Rogues 1: The Alabaster Staff (cartography)
119. The Erevis Caves Trilogy 2: Dawn of Night (cartography)

Magic: The Gathering Novels

The Dragons of Magic (cartography)