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Items with "Kirby, Josh" as Credited Illustrator

Duel Master

1. Challenge of the Magi (Box set) (cover)
2. Blood Valley (Box set) (cover)
3. The Shattered Realm (Box set) (cover)
4. Arena of Death (Box set) (cover)
v. 1, no. 1. Challenge of the Magi (Book 1) (cover)
v. 1, no. 2. Challenge of the Magi (Book 2) (cover)
v. 2, no. 1. Blood Valley (Book 1) (cover)
v. 2, no. 2. Blood Valley (Book 2) (cover)
v. 3, no. 1. The Shattered Realm (Book 1) (cover)
v. 3, no. 2. The Shattered Realm (Book 2) (cover)
v. 4, no. 1. Arena of Death (Book 1) (cover)
v. 4, no. 2. Arena of Death (Book 2) (cover)

Tunnels and Trolls

The Amulet of the Salkti and Arena of Khazan
Captif d'Yvoire and Beyond the Silvered Pane
Gamesmen of Kasar and Mistywood
Naked Doom and Deathtrap Equalizer Dungeon
Sword for Hire and Blue Frog Tavern
9. City of Terrors

Wizards, Warriors & You

1. The Forest of Twisted Dreams (British cover)
2. The Siege of the Dragonriders (British cover)
3. Who Kidnapped Princess Saralinda? (British cover)
4. Ghost Knights of Camelot (British cover)
5. The Haunted Castle of Ravencurse (British cover)
6. Revenge of the Falcon Knight (British cover)