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Person - Carter, Adam

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Items with "Carter, Adam" as Credited Author

Attack of the Demon Trees (1 edition)
The Class War (2 editions)
The Forest of Fiends (1 edition)
The Good, the Bad & the Grizzly (1 edition)
The Haunting of Past Wraiths (1 edition)
The Hunt for the Adulterous Bard (1 edition)
Into the Massacre (2 editions)
Lost Treasures of a Dinosaur World (1 edition)
March of the Demon Trees (2 editions)
Oppression of the Press (1 edition)
A Peacock in the Den of Foxes (1 edition)
The Return of the Stolen Jewel (2 editions)
The Slave Scandal of Torbalia (1 edition)
The Temple of Death: The Villain's Gamebook (2 editions)
The Thief of Tarley Manor (2 editions)
The Underworld Horror (1 edition)
Vengeful Justice (1 edition)
A Wealth of Sin (1 edition)
The Wild West Dungeon Adventure (1 edition)