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Items with "Withers, John M., IV" as Credited Author

#____LivesMatter (1 edition)
Chuck Tingle and Amanda Clover Helped Me to Clarify My Own Sexual Appetites Discretely at Home: Now I'll Share (2 editions)
Crisis in Time (1 edition)
DoomScrolling (1 edition)
Even in 2020 Chuck Tingle will Never Read My Blog so I Can Say What I Want Without Worrying About His Opinion Because Writers Don’t Take Online Texts Seriously (1 edition)
Goblin's Gift (1 edition)
Grimm Choices (1 edition)
Handsome Boy (1 edition)
i'm a woman (2 editions)
is that all there is? (2 editions)
is that all there is? (Trilogy Edition) (1 edition)
moments like this (2 editions)
Monsters & Mazes (1 edition)
Reluctant (1 edition)
Santataur Holiday Tale (1 edition)
Unrequited Goblin (1 edition)
Why Did I Buy a Chuck Tingle Book? (1 edition)