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Person - Sutton, Laurie S.

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Items with "Sutton, Laurie S." as Credited Author

You Choose: Batman

3. The Joker's Dozen
6. The Terrible Trio

You Choose: Justice League

3. The Portal of Doom
4. Cosmic Conquest

You Choose: Scooby-Doo

3. The Secret of the Sea Creature
4. The Terror of the Bigfoot Beast
5. The Ghost of the Bermuda Triangle
6. The Mystery of the Aztec Tomb
7. The Fright at Zombie Farm
8. The House on Spooky Street
9. The Curse of Atlantis
10. The Secret of the Flying Saucer
13. The Case of the Clown Carnival

You Choose: Wonder Woman

1. The Heart of Hades
4. The Crystal Quest