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Person - Lain, Mark

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Items with "Lain, Mark" as Credited Author

Distractions 1 (1 edition)
Distractions 2 (1 edition)
Honour and Glory (1 edition)
Kaleidoscope Frenzy (1 edition)
Legacy of the Vampire (1 edition)
Mistress of Sorrows (2 editions)
Nightshade (1 edition)
Red Monsoon (2 editions)
Sister Angela's Veil (2 editions)
Sukumvit's Grotto (1 edition)
The Temple of Flame (Collector's Edition) (1 edition)
To the Ice Palace of Aesandre (1 edition)
Venom of Vortan (3 editions)
Zero to Hero (2 editions)