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Items with "Ivanoff, George" as Credited Author

Note: This list is sorted by the earliest known dated edition for each title; earlier editions may exist.

Date Unknown

The Creature from ZX303


The Haunting of Spook House
Mayhem at Magic School
Maze of Doom
The Treasure of Dead Man's Cove


Alien Invaders from Beyond the Stars
Night of the Creepy Carnival
Super Sports Spectacular
Trapped in the Games Grid
You Choose Flip Me! 1 and 2
You Choose Flip Me! 3 and 4


Extreme Machine Challenge
In the Realm of Dragons


AFL: Footy Fever
City of Robots
Creepy Crawly Chaos
You Choose Flip Me! 11 and 12
You Choose Flip Me! 5 and 6
You Choose Flip Me! 7 and 8
You Choose Flip Me! 9 and 10

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